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My 1st Science Camp

I love science camp! It is really fun, I liked to do lots of activities. It is so much fun. I met Lucy, she was so cute. But I can talk about one of the helpers named Sam and one time in snack time we had fruit snacks, it was the first day. My favorite […]

Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.

For My Daughter “Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” –Clementine Paddleford Never play the princess when you can be the queen: rule the kingdom, swing a scepter, wear a crown of gold. Don’t dance in glass slippers, crystal carving up your toes— be a barefoot Amazon instead, for those shoes […]

Interviewing Cameron

Valentine to Mom


Did you know that there is only one thing to write about that we do fun with dad? So we PILLOW FIGHT! I love Daddy, he plays pillow fight that is what I was writing about.

My Mom

I love my Mom very much and did you know that we purrrr like a cat with my mom? Its so my favorite, I love my Mom. What else should I write about?


Me with Lydia we play dress up. Sometimes we play without dress up. And sometimes I pretend I am the baby in the game. Did you know that me and Lydia play? And I love Lydia, she is my friend.

Grandma Brown’s Visit

So we maked paper things for Grandma with paper stuff and I asked Grandma to tie my balloon onto a leashie thing. Lydia visited and we played with this thing that was colorful, we mixed it all together and then we played with it. Did you know it was crispy stuff? It looks just like […]


I got a Doodlebear no not the cat! I got a makeup kit and a scissors and stuff like I could do it with invitations with people that help me. And thats all but I have to tell you something else I love Christmas, Christmas you can leave him stuff like meatballs is going to […]

Costa Rica

I really love Costa Rica because I swimmed at it and I really like to swim in the pool. I love my family and that house was so beautiful and I love the house really very much. And always I love my eyes cause they change color and everything there is so beautiful and I […]