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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Cousin’s Invites

Silly Pictures with Mom

It was very funny. We did funny pictures and stuff! It made me feel very very good and I will give someone a lolly pop! You act silly like BOW WA CHI CHI! GOO GOO GOO GOO! The End

For My Kids When They Are Having A Bad Day

This is advice for my future children for when they are having a bad day: We will give them a treat. We should give them a notebook to write in them.  They can write anything they want to write in it. When I’m having a bad day someone will give me a treat. A toy […]

1st Day of Preschool with Mom

Dear Poki Today was your first day of “Preschool with Mom” and we learned about the letter A! I had you stand outside and ring the doorbell with your backpack on. You are so smart and have been waiting for mama to teach you! You could write the letter A super easy and remember all […]