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Monthly Archives: October 2011


I loved that yucky yucky frog witch and the witch was like dippy. I liked the hayride because I just it was like fun spooky. When I went trick or treating I got M&Ms. I saw the costumes…this thingy scared me so much with Daddy. It was this skeleton that had hair face and it […]

St. George Trip

I love catcuses so much!! I like the swimming when we go to St. George. It was good when I goed in the cave but not really.

Grandma’s Party for You!

I got the Cinderella blanket it was really soft. I really liked to do the balloon race cause it makes me feel happy. The toliet paper dress was so funny that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really liked Shae. We had that chocolate thingy and chicken noodle soup. Grandma I LOVE YOU thank you […]

Letter P is my favorite

P is my favorite because it starts with: puppy, party, pink, purple, princess, popcorn, peanuts, poki, purple pop. I LOVE THE LETTER P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday Homework for Sarah

Sarah sends you homework every week in the mail, this week she wants to learn about you! It’s Birthday Homework! #1 How was your party? What did you do? During the party there was duck duck goose and follow the rabbit and we ate cupcakes. We drinked a spooked a spooky drink with cherry soda […]

Happy Birthday Love Bug!!

Baby Doll Hi, it’s Mama. What name are you using today? Poki? Cameron? Shakira? Courtney the Puppy? Alyssa? As soon as you tell me I’ll make you a sign to hold so people know, just like we did yesterday and the day before. I’ll just call you Baby Doll for now. Baby Doll you are […]